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Invent Yourself Rich - Don Brown, Inventor of the Ab Roller
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( ) - Don Brown was working as a personal trainer when he came up with the idea for the Ab Roller. His simple invention has been purchased by over 10 million people and is one of the most successful fitness products ever sold. Since then he has created, patented and marketed dozens of profitable inventions. Don has figured out how to turn simple ideas into million dollar products.

Video #1 - Don visits Bassler/Williamsport Pattern Works, a company that provides prototyping services to clients. Lou Bassler, owner of the company, explains how to take an idea from paper to a physical prototype (rough sketch to CAD model).

Video #2 - Lou explains fused deposition modeling for prototyping.

Video #3 - Lou explains rotocasting and rotomolding for prototyping.


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